Worship the Queen?

After a long time I saw a film that blew my mind. I am still to figure out whether I liked the film so much because I was in a state of semi-depression or the film is exceptionally good but nonetheless, I loved the film.

I saw the film a second time not only because I wanted to experience the joyride once again but also I wanted to understand that what it was about the film that was working so well for me.

The film breaks away from all the ‘Indian’ ideas and impositions that I have never agreed with –

1)Your life ends and you are supposed to be ashamed of yourself and live a life of anonymity and shame never showing your face in public again and be happy ever again if your fiancé cancels the wedding just a day before you were to get married.

2) Its only ‘hippies’ and ‘crazy people’ who want to go out, travel and see the world. ‘Good’ people only get married at the ‘right age’, raise children and stay at home.

3) Don’t follow everything your heart says as most of the time it’s only going to lead you to the wrong way.

Contrary to all the beliefs, the protagonist of the film enjoys her life, goes out to travel and see the world, follows what her heart says and still keeps her values and ethics intact and has a hell lot of fun!

The film also throws at you some very strong clichés when you think, ‘Ah! I know, she is going to get arrested for drug trafficking and now the story is going to take a turn’. Or ‘Ah! Now her passport is gonna get stolen and now she would be stuck here and now the story would start’ or ‘Yes! She is going to fall in love with him and now the story is going to take a new turn.’ But each time you are proven wrong. It’s very well done. The film has a very good graph of energy as it rises and falls and gets you tapping your feet many times.

The performances by each and every cast member (including the international cast) are brilliant but Kangna Ranaut (I think this is her best performance ever), Rajkumar Rao, Jeffrey Chee Eng Ho (Taka) and Marco Canadea are Simply outstanding. The writing is flawless and direction is magical. (Vikas Bhal, Chaitally Parmar, Parveez Sheikh – Screenplay, Avnita Dutt and Kangna Ranaut – Dialogues and Vikas Bhal – Direction.)

I liked the film so much that I can watch it again – anyone interested?

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