Rishabh is a young architect who is leading a very lucky and lavish life. He has a great job, a fabulous lifestyle, the coolest friends and a lovely girlfriend. However, all of this goes for a toss and he has to pack his bags and go back to his small hometown. His friends are nowhere close and his relationship with his girlfriend has not been going so well. To add to his hardships, he gets involved in a terrible crime. The whole town thinks he is nuts, but there is one girl who understands him. Will she be able to help him and let people know that they are wrong in what they think of him? Will he be absolved of all crime? This is a story that will teach you how to learn from your experiences, stand up for personal values, and help others when they are in need.

The Orange Hangover is the story of a young lad whose life has been going haywire. An architect is having a hard time in his hometown and things get worse when he is connected to a crime.